Most of the data on this site is outdated as most of us that hosted our own sites moved to social services like facebook. I haven't updated the site in many years, but if you ahve a question, please feel free to ask away at the email address on the site here. - MW 11/18/2013

Are you looking for Mike Wood who is a member of Parliment in the UK? Try his site here.

You've ventured into the strange and often obscene world of Mike Wood. His work as a crazy offroader and part time network administrator are things of legend in his own mind.

This website is filled with pictures and thoughts from yours truly. Sometimes crazy, sometimes lame, but rarely dull. Stick around a while and wander the cyber-halls of this here testiment to nothing more than sheer boredom and a large collection of pictures.

OffRoading in BigBear with the TTORA-SoCal Staff. (July 22, 2006)

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Useless "Mike" facts:
  • Michael Allen Wood (most commonly referred to as Mike)
  • Born Feb 23, 1975 in Santa Maria, CA. (I am 42 years old, how'd that happen?)
  • Height & Weight : 6'1" & 210 pounds
  • Job : Network Administrator for Lithographix
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